Dive deeper and trust your vision enough to share it. The FWE Mentor Program encourages women entrepreneurs to push their businesses to the next level by teaming them up with business leaders for monthly 1:1 mentoring. The 2016/17 Mentor Program runs from Fall 2016 to June 30, 2017.

How Does the Mentor Program Work?

The FWE Mentor Program is a mentee-driven program that strategically pairs mentees based on their stage of business, needs, and long-term business goals, with the experience and expertise of Mentors. Pairs meet once per month for one (1) hour. Mentors may offer additional time, however they are not to be expected to do so.

The FWE Mentor Program guide outlines the role of both the Mentor and the Mentee so that there is clarity of expectations from both parties. It also includes resources for meeting set-up, a checklist for the Mentee, and additional resources for the Mentee to support them in their journey.

A formal Launch Party (late October) and an interim event to bring the group together are included in the program. The FWE Team (604-682-8115) provides ongoing direct support to both Mentors and Mentees who have questions or concerns about their mentor relationship.





Receive one-on-one guidance and inspiration from industry experts or experienced entrepreneurs.Monthly check-ins with your mentor serve as a great way for you to stay accountable and reflect on personal accomplishments and challenges. We are thrilled to have paired 110+ women entrepreneurs with mentors in the program last year, and look forward to supporting you this year. Some of the incredible mentors in the past have included:

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Pay your Program Fees

If you’ve applied before the August 14, 2016 and have missed the payment deadline, kindly pay online or call the office at 604.682.8115 to reserve your spot as a Mentee.

      • $150 + Tax if you are returning to the program with the same mentor.
      • $250 + Tax for new Mentees, or those returning to the program who would like a new mentor.

Mentee with the Same Mentor ($150)           Mentee with a New Mentor ($250)




Considering Being a Mentor to Share Your Wealth of Knowledge?

Mentors are leaders and influencers who leverage their skills, experience and insight to help a local female entrepreneur. Enjoy being an integral part of the business community.

Why mentor?

      • Build your brand as a progressive leader
      • Raise your personal profile in Vancouver’s business & entrepreneurial community
      • Good karma. It’s priceless.

Past mentees have included

How This Works

**Extended deadline for all interested Mentors.

Become A Mentor!


Mentor Program Resources

Kindly review the Mentor Program Resources we’ve created for you to help you benefit from the FWE Mentor Program. Each document is designed to help you have a full understanding of the opportunities you have with your mentor and how to start your relationship strong to tackle your long-term business goals.

Need more info? Email or call 604.682-8115.