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For fresh ideas and untapped creativity, visit the A.M. (Ask Me) Sessions (formerly Entrepreneur Forums)! Discuss your latest business opportunities and challenges with up to 12 women entrepreneurs at one time in a supportive, facilitated environment. The A.M. Sessions, based on the expertise of the Facilitator, will have an overarching theme to create focus and direction, however all opportunities and challenges will be welcomed.

A.M. Sessions are are $15/Session and include a light breakfast.


To register for upcoming A.M. Sessions, please click on the date you wish to attend below.


A.M. Sessions 2017/2018 Schedule:


March 22, 2018:  Setting Financial Goals for Your Business with Melanie Rupp, Visionaria

April 5, 2018:  Business Strategy with Deborah Richardson, ThinkPartner Coaching Ltd.

May 8, 2018:  Financing with Kath Britton, Women’s Enterprise Centre

May 24, 2018:  Marketing Your Business with Jayme Canotal, Small Business BC

June 5, 2018:  Business Development + Financial Fluency with Aman Janjua, KPMG

June 21, 2018:  Designing Your Life for Entrepreneurs with Deborah Richardson, ThinkPartner Coaching Ltd.


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