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1. Do I need to be a member of FWE?

Of course not! FWE received its charitable status in January 2016. As a registered charity, we are happy to announce that you will no longer need to be a member to access our programs, events and services. FWE is accessible to all who are entrepreneurial – entrepreneurs, business leaders, students, the list keeps going!


2. Are there monthly FWE meetings? If not, how often do FWE events occur?

Our events happen on a regular basis – we definitely keep you (and ourselves) busy! It all depends on the FWE experience you would like to have. Our E-Series Program occurs over an intense 3-day period in Vancouver and Toronto, while Mentees and Mentors in the Mentor Program meet once a month for 12 months. We host various special events throughout the year as well so visit our event calendar and see when you can attend next!


3. How can I promote my business through FWE?

There are lots of opportunities available: Join the community by attending an event, or connect and learn by applying to one of our programs!

Email or call us at 604.682.8115 for more info on how we can help you reach new markets and expand your success.


4. Why join FWE?

Because FWE is where success happens. We help you grow your business and provide you with the community, access and education you’ve been looking for. Join us for some serious fun.


5. How can I get involved in FWE?

The possibilities are endless! As a non-profit, we would not be here today without the support from the community. You can: