Inbox Zero

It happens every time I am away either for a conference, a speaking gig or just some ‘me’ time – my inbox explodes! Does it sense that I’m away? OK, I know, I’m being a bit off the wall thinking … Continued

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The Power of Mentoring

Ami Mckay is the President of PURE Design Inc, in Vancouver,BC. Her business provides consultation, design, and project management services to a wide range of clients in both the residential and commercial markets. Ami is also an alumni of the … Continued

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Know Your Numbers

Donna Nicks is the owner of  Fresh Gourmet TakeAway in Langley. Her business provides “Meals Made Easy,” offering something for all demographics, including catering for busy businesses and small functions. With meals available from “Mini” to “Family” size, there’s always something … Continued

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