What Can Entrepreneurs Do to Beat The Facebook Algorithm?

Getting your content seen on Facebook is becoming more challenging as personal posts are prioritized over posts from businesses. Have no fear, there are still ways to get around the algorithm and here are three of our favourites.


Boost your posts


Boosting your posts is a great strategy and it’s not as expensive as you may think. For as little as $1.50 a day you can boost your content to be seen by a targeted audience that you create. The only thing is, you need to know who your target audience is. We like to use the Audience Insights tool at Camp Tech. This is a free tool that helps you understand more about who is engaging with your content.


Create a conversation


Comments are the new currency on Facebook. The more comments your content has, the more Facebook will think people enjoy interacting with your brand. Try out the polls feature, ask people questions, and create content that will prompt people to engage. Think of social media as a science experiment. Try out some new approaches to creating content, and just as you should with any new approach, test it. Once your posts are up, to into the Facebook Insights section of your page to see if your posts are getting more engagement.


Understand that people are on social media to waste time


Let’s be honest, nobody really logs into Facebook specifically to make purchases. People are more likely to go to Google for that. Adjusting your Facebook content to be less marketing-focused and more conversational will put your business inline with what people are already using Facebook for. This approach (less marketing, more conversation) usually translates to more engagement.


You don’t necessarily need to start posting viral cat videos, but start thinking about the lifestyle interests of your audience. For example, if you’re a realtor, posting photos of houses you’ve sold can get boring for your audience – what demographic are they in? Do they have children? Maybe it’s time to start researching parent-friendly businesses in the area and sharing some information about them on your page. A little research goes a long way.


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Author: Tara Wilkins, Director of Marketing and Sales at Camp Tech