The Passion Conspiracy

by Bravo Lima Oscar


Whoever said “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” obviously never had a job. We love what we do — but for goodness’ sake — it can feel like work.

But here’s the insight: that’s okay.

There is nobility in work (hard, hard work). But passion lies, perhaps, in the accomplishment — and it may only appear in glimpses. Folks that preach 24/7 passion may well have found some transcendent sweet spot, but they are few and far between. Often these people are referring to the ULTIMATE feeling not the process (or the heavy lifting it took to get to that place).  It’s much like being in a relationship: over the course of 30 years “passion” transmutes (hopefully) into commitment, trust, respect — the much finer vintage of the passion you started with in the beginning.  At any given time in the 30 years, however, the person you thought was cute and sexy on day one will undoubtedly appear ugly and annoying for a morning, or a month, or a year.  It’s the ground you cover together that will become meaningful and the “green grass” you were looking for all along.

Try using these words to gauge your experience, both in work and life: satisfying, fulfilling and worthwhile.  Perhaps also ask yourself: are you BRINGING passion to what you do?  And resist measuring in the context of a minute, but rather over weeks, months and years. Enjoy the video, it’s one of our faves.



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