Impact Story: Sonia Singla of Salius Rehab Inc.

Sonia Singla of Salius Rehab Inc felt the growing pains of being an entrepreneur and realized she might need of some guidance on moving the business forward. Through a recommendation from a friend and FWE E-Series graduate, Sonia was introduced to FWE where she joined the Mentor Program, followed by our 12-month E-Series program.

Together, these programs have empowered her with the tools and knowledge to help grow the business across all dimensions: revenue, employees, number of clinic sites and long-term contracts. Sonia has worked with three different FWE Mentors, all offering unique advice. Here is her story…

Fresh into the Mentor Program, Sonia sought someone with whom she could share ideas, work through some of the initial challenges she faced, and from whom she could gain critical feedback. After a year of working with her first Mentor, she was inspired to take FWE’s 12-month long E-Series program, which kicks off with a 3-day educational bootcamp, and continues with a year’s worth of 1:1 Mentorship. Through E-Series, she was then paired with David Reeve, CEO of Unleash Culture.

It was a perfect fit at the right time: Salius Rehab was thriving, and with a growing business comes a growing team and a need to create a strong culture to support continued success. David’s expertise proved very valuable. During their Mentor meetings, he worked with Sonia on building her confidence as a leader and developing a road map to achieve the company culture she longed to create. The timing of this match proved to be vital as between 2015-2019, Salius Rehab hired 16 additional employees in their contract long-term care division and now employs a total of 49.

With a supportive working environment in place, it was on to tweaking the nuts and bolts of the business; and, with different needs came her third Mentor: Ashley Meehan of Genesis Security Group. With a Mentor operating in an industry far different than healthcare, Ashley helped her see the business beyond simply a healthcare company, asking her strategic questions that pushed her to think strategically about the future and about building a sustainable foundation for the clinic and for the long-term care division. “He told me that it’s not a bad thing to pitch for funding,” says Sonia, “and not to be scared to cold call people.” As a result of his encouragement, she made a strategic hire of an HR expert, something that allowed her to focus more on working ‘on’ the business, instead of ‘in’ it. “I felt more like a real business,” stated Sonia on reflection on these changes. In the last two years alone, Salius Rehab has secured 11 additional long-term care contracts, to which Sonia credits in part to her Mentor Ashley.

As Salius Rehab continues to grow (they recently opened their second and third clinics in North Surrey and Burnaby, respectively, within the last five months), Sonia is excited about the potential to expand outside of Vancouver. In the coming weeks, she and her team will be pitching for their first long-term care contract in outside the Lower Mainland, and from there, the sky is the limit! Sonia’s also looking forward to carving out more personal time – something that previously wasn’t an option when she was managing the day-to-day and unable to step back. Allocating resources and delegating work hasn’t always been easy, but if there is one lesson from her Mentors that stands out – it’s that you can’t do it all alone.