Leadership Starts with Y-O-U – with Love from Lululemon Athletica (Jessica Robson)

As innovative as black stretchy pants were when they flexed their way onto the athletic scene in the late 90’s, Lululemon’s take on leadership is innovative and our goal is to create leaders in the world – at all levels of the organization. And, we’re as serious about leadership as we are about yoga. What we know is that leadership, much like yoga and any other personal practice is truly that – a practice. It requires attention, commitment and being open to changes in your approach to how you are showing up to and for others and the ability to be vulnerable in your journey into your own leadership. Yep, squirmy feeling of discomfort and authenticity come hand in hand with how we deep dive into developing and living our leadership.


Lululemon’s position on leadership is that we develop leaders in the world who embrace our values and live a life they love. And, who better to define what living a life that you love better than YOU? The practice of self leadership is the foundation behind how and why we develop leaders the way we do. By making a significant investment in our self development programming through dedicated resources, we are showing up for each and every employee as a stand for their own personal leadership journey – and we mean every employee. Our practices around leadership apply to everyone – regardless of title, position, salary or influence. By being leaders in our own lives, day to day, we live and breathe what inspirational leadership looks like which gives rise to being able to lead others and the organization at large. It very much is, again, a practice. And, one that requires time and attention to how we show up across our lives.


Self leadership shows up in a number of ways. We look to identify with our authentic self through self-reflection and awareness of our ego. We look to consider how we are communicating, knowing that what we think, say and listen for creates our reality. Integrity shows up in self leadership in how we do what we say we are going to do, by when we say we are going to do it – and we stay in integrity with a commitment by taking responsibility for any messes that may be made by being unable to complete an action. We exercise our power of choice – and choose our best life moment to moment. we practice goal setting – and use a vision of what our biggest wants and will-dos to create hair raising and inspiring goals from a place of free and clear possibility (a future that may not otherwise exist if we didn’t think BIG!). we take responsibility in all areas of our lives – void of blame, excuses – we respond instead of react and know our own emotions. It’s a matter of awareness – of knowing who your YOU is and being identified with what you want out of life.


We inspire leadership at all levels to see our team members come alive for their lives. there is so much value in sharing our culture of leadership and development throughout the organization – as ultimately, how people choose to show up in their own lives transitions into the work place, which means they bring their best selves to work and engage themselves in big conversations, progressive and effective work and mentor others in what it means to live HUGE. #wewinwhentheywin


Jessica Robson is the Leadership Development Coordinator for lululemon athletica. Having been with the company for two and a half years and in coming to Leadership Development from the store environment, she blends a passion for the guest and employee experience with a honed sense of what a quality learning journey looks like to communicate the lululemon learning culture to internal team members. A prairie girl at heart, she is living and loving life on the West Cost and, it’s been since being on the coast for the past 6 years that Jess has really found her footing and gotten in touch with what makes her come alive. When not getting grounded on her yoga mat, chasing faster runners on the SeaWall or discussing leadership and black stretchy pants with colleagues she has a mission in life to bring out the passion in every person she comes in contact with. Be that a career passion or a personal passion waiting to explode, Jess knows there is something in everyone that makes them come alive – and is driven to unleash that!