6 Benefits of Public Relations for Small Business

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Storytelling is the core of the practice of public relations and every single business or organization must have a story to tell in order to achieve success. Small businesses often overlook hiring public relations consultants to help tell their story and promote their thriving business.

Meanwhile the benefits and return on investment (ROI) in the short and long term are endless but here are the top six benefits of public relations for small businesses.

  1. Public relations is considered by many business professionals to be a credible form of promotion. By articulating your story to media outlets, you are giving an opportunity for your business’s story and product to be profiled. These media stories have short and long term benefits to creating a credible image of your company.
  2. A well-designed public relations campaign can result in reaching your target audience with more detailed information than other forms of marketing. Media stories allow for more space and time to explain the product that you are passionate about. Content marketing and PR have different purposes and drastically different performance measures attached to them.
  3. Media stories about your product in smaller media outlets can create buzz in larger media markets and therefore broaden your audience even further. These large media outlets can spread your company wider than you could ever imagine.
  4. Public relations is an extremely cost effective method to promote your company because unlike conference or marketing strategies, PR can be a lot simpler.
  5. A media story has the potential to create a flood of leads for your business in the short and long term. Lead generation is essential to any modern business and by creating media buzz for your company can generate extensive sales.
  6. A positive image can be created by putting your entire business in the spotlight unlike marketing methods which are unable to do so effectively. The story is the heart of public relations and effective promotion of any business or organization. By crafting and promoting your story through press releases or media promotions, you can not only market your business but also create relationships within your target audience. This can happen through press releases, media relations, and other timely methods.

The BC Government often touts that nearly 98 percent of all businesses in the province are actually small businesses and these businesses are the backbone of our provincial economy. Some incredible small businesses have been established and grown in this province including the likes of Hootsuite and 1–800-GOTJUNK.

Famed English author Philip Pullman once said “after nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need the most in the world.” Stories have the power to inspire and transform our world but also have the ability to massively grow a business like yours.


Todd Hauptmann is a uniquely passionate communicator with a background in politics and media.  Todd has an extensive background in political communications working for a provincial cabinet minister and two Members of Parliament.  The 29 year old Vancouver resident is determined to share stories that matter in no matter the platform.  Having had a kidney transplant five years ago, his unique perspective on life is a fresh and eager view on all things public relations.  The proven social media strategist loves working local businesses to see their business thriving online and offline. 


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