The Life Of An Ice Princess…It’s Not All Glitz and Glamour.

by Jennifer Trayler & Danielle Nesbit 


As little girls playing in Danielle’s grandmother’s garden we had many dreams and aspirations of what we were going to be when we grew up. In our wildest dreams starting an ice company and becoming ice princesses was beyond our imaginations. This is the exciting thing about life; you never know where your journey will take you and what opportunities lay ahead.

When we saw an opportunity to freshen up the face of ice we knew we were destined to be the next sub-zero heroes. Here are a few lessons we’ve learned so far on this incredible journey in business:

Don’t stay comfortable. It’s important to continually push ourselves outside our comfort zone. Not only does this help us grow as a business; it also helps us grow as individuals. We thought about trying out for Dragons’ Den but questioned whether our business was ready for it. We had almost talked ourselves out of applying but stronger forces kept leading us to meet entrepreneurs who had been on the show; they encouraged us to apply and we decided to just go for it. Within weeks we were on a plane to Toronto to film our segment and face The Dragon’s. I remember waking up the morning of filming and saying to Danielle, “I feel like we are both headed to have major surgery.” All the planning, fear and anticipation, and the moment was finally here! Was it worth it? Absolutely. In preparation for The Den, we met with so many entrepreneurs who generously shared their time to give us feedback and ideas on our pitch. It forced us to really look at our business, filter feedback and make decisions that were right for our company. The biggest lesson learned? Don’t let fear hold you back from opportunities. (Stay tuned for the airing of our episode of the Dragons’ Den!)

Patience is a virtue. We had a logo and a couple of brand colors but we still needed a brand “voice”. Finding a branding company that understood our business, was not an easy task. It took a lot of searching and interviewing until we found the right match. Had we rushed the interview process we would have wasted tons of money on branding only to be left having to rebrand again. If a branding company can’t understand you and your business, then how are they going to be able to strengthen your brand in a way that will speak to your customers and represent your business? Answer – they can’t. When we finally found the right branding company for us it was like a breath of fresh air. We had finally met a cool company that understood us and melted our hearts.

Take time to celebrate your wins. It’s really easy to be hard on ourselves and forget how far we’ve come. As entrepreneurs we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and our goals never seem to be achieved fast enough. On the tough days (and believe us, there are tough days) it’s really important not to stay stuck on feeling defeated and remember how far you’ve come. We like to sit back and reminisce over a cocktail, chilled “On The Rocks”.

And most of all we love fun. If it’s fun, we’re in.

Cold, yet warm love.


The Ice Princesses, Jennifer Trayler & Danielle Nesbit.

A short history of ice: it’s born in the cold climes of someone’s crappy freezer, it gets shoveled into an average cocktail and hangs around for about 15 minutes, if you’re lucky. Then it’s history. Enter stage right: two 30-years-young entrepreneurs with a vision clear as crystal. We saw an opportunity to take ice from vice to nice. No women had tackled the vertical before, but they knew they were destined to be the next sub-zero heroes. To put a stranglehold on cold, as it were. Ice can be interesting, it’s more than H2O in a solid state. Ice isn’t just something you ditch in a drink; it’s something you build a drink around. Thus, we proclaimed ourselves to be architects of the next ice age. Long live the Ice Princesses. Our ice is, quite simply, cooler.