Diane Najm: Build Your Leadership Brand

Developing your personal leadership brand is a profound journey. Prior to moving forward you need to be strategic. Key Social Media Diane Najmquestions to consider:

  1. How do you want to be perceived by your audience
  2. Who is your target audience
  3. How are you going to interact with them

In addition, think about how your product and how social media will blend into your overall branding. This can be overwhelming and the last thing you want to do is be perceived as promoting yourself as opposed to the brand, and/or just post with no relevancy.

As the CEO and Founder of PhotoPad, I had to establish myself as a leader in the community. Embracing social media contributed to building my brand. I am now starting to reap the positive results with Photo Pad based on this strategy.

But it did not happen overnight, it took time to build my brand. Just like building a startup, it is a process and it takes a lot of patience and effort. I had to navigate through different social media channels to see which ones would benefit best to interact with ,as well as, used the social media channels to navigate consistent messages of branding and leadership.

Lastly, I strongly believe in bringing partners on this journey with me. I think of the platform I built for Photo Pad as an elevation platform that helps others get noticed. This can be beneficial in many ways. I share my messages of support for the causes that are meaningful to me such as Olive Crest. I include photos from the events I attend or are the leader of including: Women in Technology, Founder Institute, Women in Wireless, and speaking engagements with Entrepreneur forums. These events are consistent with my message of helping startups and paving the way for other women to lead.

No matter what I do, two things remain constant:

  1. My posts, tweets and public appearance are consistent with who I am personally and professionally
  2. Social media channels serve as an amplifying platform for the causes and issues that I deeply care about

I wanted to share a few tips on creating a strong personal brand and sharing your leadership message:

  1. Create your vision of what message you want others to perceive. For example a mentor, advisor or consultant
  2. Identify what social media platforms will work for you and your brand
  3. Create your story and thread it though the social media community
  4. When using social media, do not promote yourself, however, use your story mixed with personal and professional stories and statements
  5. When relating to a story you share, add value to it with your thought and opinions
  6. Make your content relevant and don’t just post random images or story that is not consistent with your brand personally or professionally
  7. Engage in conversations with followers that are thought leaders and with others who can learn from you


Diane Najm is CEO/Founder PhotoPad, One of the Seattle Directors of Founder Institute, Mentor /Advisor to the startup community. Serves on Board of trustee Olive Crest and on the Board of Directors for Women in Wireless and Women In Technology. Diane’s compassion is advocating for the children of abuse. In 2012 she received the Ambassador to the Children Award –Community and 2012 Mom In Business Award