Create Your Legacy

by Caleb Wojcik, originally posted here.


Until I was 24, I did what I was supposed to do. Growing up, I was told to be normal and to follow the herd. So I did what an anxious, rural Michigan kid with a lower middle class upbringing would do — I studied hard, got good grades and was accepted into a large state university.

I assumed that finding a nice, cushy Fortune 100 job after graduating from college would be an end to my anxiety. But rather quickly, the seas of cubicles, paper-pushing and fluorescent lighting proved just the opposite. So I went back to the drawing board, determined to figure out what other steps I had to take to create my perfect life. Cue two years later: an evening MBA I had worked on did next to nothing for my then-traditional career, and I was faced with the drawing board yet again.


This time, though, I vowed to ask myself a simple question I’d been avoiding: what did I have to offer that could help the world with my one precious life?


It was the first time I’d asked myself something like this — and it was absolutely terrifying. But it was also an absolutely eye-opening experience — not as much in the answer as in how my outlook on life shifted from then on.

See, when you pose that question, your mindset towards life changes instantly.


Life becomes no longer about what the next steps are to improve your career or finances, but rather about what you can do to create a legacy out of your years on this earth.


The majority of your waking hours will be spent either thinking, learning, or acting to bring you closer to reaching that single long-term goal.

If you’ve reached that point of view on your life, then you know what I mean. If you haven’t, then here is how you can see your life as one big legacy project:

1. Escape your routine for a few days.
2. Write down what you enjoy doing with your free time.
3. Consider how you can use your passions for good.
4. Write down what your dream legacy will be. (Nothing is too big.)
5. Work as hard as you can for the rest of your life to make #4 come true.


Don’t worry if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your responses and thoughts quite yet — they’ll morph and change over time as they should.


Now go. Determine the revolution for your own life and create your legacy.



Caleb Wojcik teaches aspiring cubicle renegades & solopreneurs to earn more money from their passions both on & offline at Pocket ChangedLast year he left his cushy corporate job to work with Insanely Useful Media, help his wife build Jen Wojcik photography, and live in sunny San Diego. |