E-Series Toronto Keynote Speaker: Victoria Sopik of Kids and Co.


Meet Victoria Sopik, serial entrepreneur, founder of Kids & Company, and keynote speaker for the E-Series Toronto program.


Victoria recognized her love of children and family from a young age, and knew having a large family of her own would be important for her future. She watched as many of the men and women around her struggled with balancing their work and their families, and knew that she could not wait for the world to accept what her ideal work/life balance – she needed to create it.


At just 17 years old, Victoria began building her first business. After working as a camp counsellor the prior summer, she quickly saw a way to run a more successful camp, and thus launched Sunshine Day Camps. By the time she was 22, she had grown the business into Sunshine Child Care Centres while embarking on a new adventure of her own – starting a family.


Over the next 12 years, Victoria continued to grow Sunshine Child Care throughout the greater Toronto area, as well as her own family, which grew to eight children. All the while, Victoria worked hard to balance her family with her burgeoning career.


In 2002, ready for her next great challenge, Victoria founded Kids & Company, a child care company focused on innovating the lives of working families by providing high quality, flexible childcare alongside a sense of community and support network for families.


Kids & Company has grown to 2500 employees working in over 90 centres across Canada, as well as endeavoring to international growth with centres in Illinois and Massachusetts.


Victoria believes that, while not everyone may want to be self-employed, liking your work can make a big difference in a busy life. It is this idea that makes us excited to have Victoria as a keynote speaker with FWE this year. Her experience in balancing a family with self-employment, growing a company from grassroots to a major, recognizable brand, and understanding the challenges women face in entrepreneurship is sure to create and incredible experience for this year’s attendees.


FWE’s signature E-Series Program is coming to Toronto! For more information, or to submit an application to attend, visit http://programs.fwe.ca/e-series/