Catching up with Stephanie Lee, Ops on Call

Since working with her mentor, Stephanie Lee recently decided to pivot her business from providing admin support to assisting companies with operations support. About to launch the new Ops On Call model, she is thrilled about the growth of her company and the many possibilities that lie ahead.

We caught up with Stephanie and asked her a few questions:

When did you first become involved with FWE and how long have you been a part of the Mentor Program?
I’ve known about FWE for years as many of my clients were participants and I had been receiving the regular e-newsletter. But I officially joined the Mentor Program in 2018.

Tell us your Mentor story – What is it a perfect match?
My mentor (Lorraine McGregor) helped me step outside my business and see the bigger picture. She helped me to see new growth opportunities that I hadn’t ever thought possible, to laser focus on new markets and to pivot into what I *really* want to do…. and get paid accordingly. I wasn’t afraid to refocus and reframe along the way. We worked so well together the first time around, that we decided to stay paired again this year. Lorraine has been invaluable to my business and I talk about the FWE Mentor Program all the time to anyone who will listen!

How has your business changed since having an FWE Mentor?
I have been able to create a stronger position in the marketplace for my business with unique identifiers. I think of what I do in a much different light now.

How has your business grown since having an FWE Mentor?
Apart from pivoting and entering a new market, I’ve hired an additional team member, allowing me to focus on finding more clients, growing my network and finally have more time to work ON the business instead of so much time IN it.

What are you excited about moving forward with your business? 

I’m excited to have the Ops On Call website done so my target market can find me easily. I am also looking forward to hiring another team member this year, and increasing my revenues by at least 50% over the next 6 months.