Join our network of sponsors and align your company with organizations that share similar values, passions and commitment to your business community.


Recognition and promotion across all platforms

  • Influence Outreach: Before, during & after events and ongoing utilizing our social media tools
  • Print Media: Business in Vancouver and other supporting papers
  • Online Promotion and Sponsor Page: Website, Facebook, Twitter, other
  • Signage: Event Signage with logo
  • Verbal Recognition: At Sponsored Events
  • Speaking Engagements: At Sponsored Events or educational seminars


Engagement & Leadership

Through sponsorship, your employees and representatives will have the opportunity to connect and build relationships with the entire FWE community of members across Canada, Board Members and business leaders through:

  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Event hosting at your office
  • Targeted introductions through our FWE concierge
  • Speaking opportunities – share knowledge, expertise and insight about your industry


Opportunities for Involvement


FWE works with you to bring value to your sponsorship.

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