Join our network of sponsors and align your company with organizations that share similar values, passions and commitment to your business community.


Recognition and promotion across all platforms

  • Influence Outreach: Before, during & after events and ongoing utilizing our social media tools
  • Print Media: Business in Vancouver and other supporting papers
  • Online Promotion and Sponsor Page: Website, Facebook, Twitter, other
  • Signage: Event Signage with logo
  • Verbal Recognition: At Sponsored Events
  • Speaking Engagements: At Sponsored Events or educational seminars


Engagement & Leadership

Through sponsorship, your employees and representatives will have the opportunity to connect and build relationships with the entire FWE community across Canada, Board Members and business leaders through:

  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Event hosting at your office
  • Speaking opportunities – share knowledge, expertise and insight about your industry


Opportunities for Involvement


FWE works with you to bring value to your sponsorship.

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